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Checklist for Choosing a Reliable Construction CompanyIntroduction

Updated: Mar 30

Choosing the right construction partner is a crucial step in any construction project. Your selection can greatly influence the project's success. Here at Avorino, we understand the gravity of this decision. In this article, we'll provide a checklist to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you partner with a construction company that prioritizes quality, efficiency, and your satisfaction.

1. Experience and Expertise

We recommend meeting with the contractor you are planning on hiring and asking them questions about their background. An experienced company with experienced crew like Avorino can provide proven results and the expertise needed for your project.

2. Reputation and Reviews

Consider the company's reputation. Look for testimonials from previous clients or check online review platforms. You can always ask the contractor if they are willing to provide a few references. Feel free to reach out to their old clients and ask them specific questions such as the outcome their project and the communication skills of the contractor. A company with a history of positive feedback is often a reliable choice.

3. Licenses and Insurance

Verify that the company has all necessary licenses and insurance. We have all heard stories of someone posing as a contractor, starting the project, charging the client but never showing up to finish up the work. Checking to see if your contractor the required licensed and insurances protects you from potential legal issues and ensures the company is credible and professional.

4. Safety Record

Safety is paramount in construction. Check the company's safety records and their commitment to maintaining a safe construction site.

5. Communication and Customer Service

You'll want a company that communicates effectively and treats its clients with respect. During your initial interactions, assess whether they are responsive, clear, and attentive.

6. Quality of Work

Finally, ensure the quality of their work aligns with your expectations. Ask to see a portfolio of past projects or visit a site currently under construction.


Make sure you vibe with your contractor. For the duration of your project, you will probably see you contractor more than some of your family members. It is important to vibe with them. Like any other relationship, having that baseline will increase the likelihood of your project success.


Choosing a construction company is a significant decision, and we hope this checklist provides you with guidance. At Avorino, we strive to be the best at communication, craftsmanship, and safety, offering exceptional service, quality construction, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. When you're ready to take the next step in your construction journey, we invite you to consider Avorino – a construction company you can trust.

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